Moving from Current Reality to Your Dream Vision!

Discover the “Productivate® Method” Delivers your vision, Takes Away Overwhelm and Gives You Clarity.

Transforming your business is one of the most difficult challenges you can take on. Whether your business is now running at a loss or if your business has reached a plateau which has stopped you dead.

I'm Steve Prior creator of "The Productivate System." I've been able to help businesses transform, to flower and develop. I created a proprietary system called Productivate® from learning and implementing over many years.

By working with you and leveraging my methodology your business achieves the outcome and vision you want and desire.

There are three overarching principles;

Productivate® Principles

Step by step business transformation. Discover your hidden profit engines, business optimisation to increase productivity and new ways to make decisions.

Hidden Profit Engines

Do you know where your hidden profit engines are? What do they look like and why are they hidden?

Discovering your hidden profit engines is one of the first things I'll do. By first finding those hidden profits and then leveraging them, you will be well on the way to transforming your business.

Business Optimisation

The Value of Business Optimization should not be underestimated.

This goes hand in hand with discovering and leveraging your hidden profit engines.

    Improved productivity, less waste, lower costs, increased profitability are a few of the benefits.

Thinking and Decisions

Moving your business from where it is now to where you want it to be has to start with a thought.

Learning to see things slightly differently opens up new opportunities. The decisions you may have made in the past are changed as you learn new insights.

why work with Steve?

Always remember, this is your business journey. I've worked in and with small businesses employing a 100 people up to multi-billion, sized businesses. The common factor in each business, was a focus on the desired outcome.

Everything I do and implement is focused on your desired outcome.

Productivate Steps


Vision Pull

Creating a vision, having clear goals or objectives is not just a "nice to have" element. Creating the business of your dreams is possible but you must have a clear goal.

Whether it's to build the next huge empire or building a business which works for you. You and your team's growth is dependent on understanding two critical elements. "Vision Pull" is your first must have element.


Evaluation & Analysis

Once you've decided on what your vision, goals or objectives are, the next step is to complete a detailed evaluation and analysis. Our evaluation is linked to your Vision, the objective is to really understand your current situation as a relationship to your vision. Old and current management accounts, resources, operations, sales, marketing, costs etc are all assessed and with enough detail that we can move forward with agreed steps.


Pareto - The One Thing

Imagine how you would feel, if there was a way to identify the one thing, which when implemented gives you the biggest positive impact!

I refer to Pareto, full name, Vilfredo Pareto, engineer, sociologist, economist and philosopher 1848 to 1923. He was famously known for a principle called the 80/20 rule. Broadly speaking, it's extrapolated to mean, 20% of inputs generates 80% of outputs. And vice versa, so 80% of inputs generates 20% of outputs. In reality, it's not strictly a percentage because it's a ratio. So, it could be 15 to 90 or any number of other ratios.

I use these ratios as guiding principles because they work and can be proved to work. The main point being to massively increase productivity or outputs with the same or fewer inputs.



Some people think innovation is big and therefore always scary and costly. It isn't or doesn't need to be. Most innovation is in fact, small steps and incremental in nature. From tweaking things to get a better optimised conversion, up to simple low cost testing of ideas before full implementation.

New ways of seeing and doing business, should embrace innovation and not shut it out.


Review and Repeat

You are now well on your way to achieve your desired aim. Once the first impact is achieved we focus on the next critical element, review where we are and repeat.

My philosophy

If there is one thing of which I'm certain, humans come in a variety of skills, experiences and attributes. No one person has everything and no two people are alike and if they were, it would get a bit boring wouldn't it!

One of my particular attributes is being able to see the woods and the trees and mapping out sometimes unusual ways to connect everything together. I have a wealth of business, sales, marketing and systems knowledge.


Discover how I make a difference with your business

Moving toward's your vision, goals and objectives is not as hard as it feels provided you use a framework which is flexible and allows you to free up time to get the job done.

I'll work with you and use a combination of advice, coaching and implementation.

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