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Owner Managed - Business transformation & Turnaround... From current reality to implementation

Creating the business of your dreams likely means transforming your business. This is one of the most difficult challenges you can take on. Whether your business is now running at a loss, your business has reached a plateau which has stopped you dead, or you want to move in another direction.

At some point on your business journey you will have worked out, what you need is a person who has different knowledge and skills to you. You will find out lots of information about how to do something but... you will likely stay stuck because of who you are. Whether I'm the person you need who compliments who you are is obviously open to question. But if you are serious about moving forward, do you think this is worth exploring in a safe low risk, low-cost way?

I'm Steve Prior, a system's strategist, coach & the consultant - who implements, so you don't need to.  I'm also creator of "The Productivate Business Operating System." I've been able to help businesses transform, to flower and develop. I created a proprietary system called Productivate® from learning and implementing over many years.

What is the business of your dreams?

For you, this might equate to having a relaxing, peaceful night of sleep with enough money to do with as you please. For others, it might be having clarity that their business vision has come to life without any of the past stresses.

In a way these are linked together and by creating the business of your dreams' also means you have achieved the other half of being human.

To be a bit more prosaic, I implement the following.

  • Attracting and Keeping Clients and Customers
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Lowering Costs
  • Providing Clarity over Economic Conditions
  • Developing New Products, Services and Innovation

Did I tell you my initial and detailed analysis is funded and paid for by me? In my view this is by far the best way to determine whether I can help you and whether you want or need my help. Complete Integrity and Risk Free for you.

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There are three overarching principles which delivers your dream business.

Productivate® Principles

Where are you now!

Do you really understand where your business is? I'm talking about the whole business, not just bits of it!

Assessing your business and looking at it with sufficient precision in which to move forwards is no easy task.

Financial, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement Analysis & Knowledge, Workforce Focus, Operations, Results and Innovation.

What is your vision

Your Business Vision is not just a nice to have, it's everything.

Deciding what it is you want and feeding it through to your management teams, staff and other stakeholders is paramount.

Your vision and desire when combined with where you are now, helps pull the business forwards.

Thinking and Decisions

Moving your business from where it is now to where you want it to be has to start with a thought.

Your business transformation depends on your leadership.

Learning to see things slightly differently opens up new opportunities. The decisions you may have made in the past are changed as you learn new insights.

My philosophy

If there is one thing of which I'm certain, humans come in a variety of skills, experiences and attributes. No one person has everything and no two people are alike and if they were, it would get a bit boring wouldn't it!

One of my particular attributes is being able to see the woods and the trees and mapping out sometimes unusual ways to connect everything together. I have a wealth of business, sales, marketing and systems knowledge.


Discover my step by step approach

Moving toward's your vision, goals and objectives is not without its challenges, but I help simplify it by utilising a framework which is flexible and allows you to free up time.

I'll work with you and use a combination of advice, coaching and implementation.

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