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​Rather than do the normal about us page, I've decided to combine my way of seeing things via an image and some text. I created the image to help explain some of my values. Below the infographic is a little more information which is more tangible. Once you have had a skim through and when you are ready click the button below to read about how we work together.

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About Steve

A bit more about yours truly


​Even looking both ways, may not help!

​Humour - On the Dark Side

​"Running a business is like looking both ways before crossing a road and then getting hit by an aeroplane." Steve

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

​Electro-Mechanical Engineer

​BT Telecom Engineer

​As an apprentice - Taught me that being thorough was worth it and saved time in the long run.

Learned a crucial lesson in identifying the underlying structures in play which lead to problems being created. Don't fix the problem but look to the underlying structure first.

Change the underlying structure and you will create new behaviours without having to keep on fixing ongoing problems.

Production Control and Planning

​Productivity rocks

​Production Control

​Learned the importance of ​managing stock in production and how to measure and get the most productivity.

Productivity is a simple measurement which a lot of people don't understand.

Outputs divided by Inputs!

Planning Engineer

​​Decisions, decisions!

​​Planning Engineer

​​Thinking about planning comes first, followed by the plan. Careful decision-making saves much time and energy.

Use Vision-Pull I.E. Your vision, goals, objectives and desired outcome to lead decisions. And understand your current circumstances/situation is a mandatory requirement for effective implementation and your desired outcome.

Costs and Management Accounting

​Watch those costs and profits

​​Cost & Management Accounting

​​Enjoyed playing about with profit and cost centres, taught me a lot about business fundamentals.

Accounting is a key tool when establishing your current situation. One of the challenges and this is partly determined by the size of your business is who really understands what the data means for your business?

An accountant may have some information and knowledge but it will rarely go far enough. You must consider other important business information. For example, your business model, sales process, customer journey, culture and so on.


​​Sales is easy when you understand the customer


​​Overcame my acute shyness, learned about human nature and bagged my first company car.

​This may seem odd, but I was also able to find neat ways to innovate and move outside the remit to sell.

This meant I either got promoted or fired! Thinking this through, and I noticed my staying or leaving was heavily dependent on the underlying cultural structure's in play. ​I tended to part company with command and control type businesses.


​​​Customer experience


​​​Learned  about seeing things from clients/customers point of view. How to apply strategic thinking.

Marketing is not selling although you are forgiven if that's what you think. Done correctly, marketing is ​about seeing things more strategically.

Global Account Management

​Travelled the world

​​​Global Account Management

​​​Built channels, learned about different cultures and travelled (a lot)! Saudi-Arabia, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands

​​​From understanding to discovery


​​​Innovation has followed me around. Sometimes small ideas can mean big profits.

Challenging the status quo is as natural to me as easting, drinking and living. It's the only way we can really advance and move forward.

There are many occasions where applying simple tweaks has added profits.

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