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Save Your Business & Don’t be Perfect

By  Steve

To all you perfectionists out there which happens to include yours truly…. Stop It and stop it now because it’s ruining your business and your life!

Maybe this business idea should be titled, Save Your Life - but I thought it may be too dramatic?

I also suggest you need to be careful because whilst perfection is unreachable it doesn’t mean to say you can’t improve and optimise your business and its processes. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, you must seek to optimise your business because there’s a lot of hidden profits in it.

What I mean to say is this about perfectionism. It can and does destroy life and opportunities.

What does perfectionism mean or better still what does it cause?

Wisdom not Perfectionism

You never get started on anything or analysis paralysis

A perfectionist’s mind is a whirlpool of what if’s and maybes. You analyse everything to death and are still not happy, you’ve thought of everything. But you can’t think of everything, it’s impossible.

The other name for this is analysis-paralysis.

What ever it is you wish to start, just start. Ditch the over-thinking and get started. If you don’t like what you have completed, then refine it or ditch it. Then move on to the next project.

You’re never able to complete a project

Even though the project has been completed, you keep on thinking about what could be improved. Any joy you had is whisked away as you contemplate what it could have been. I’d say, move on, get started on the next project. Only revisit the older project if you can see an easy way that tweaking it will gain a clear large increase in productivity or profits.


You never ship it

I’ve lost track of the number of ideas and projects I’ve had which never get started or completed. The perfectionist in me used to get in the way all the time. Whilst I’ve trained the perfectionist beast to be somewhat docile it occasionally rears its ugly head, so I must be alert!

Trying to be perfect means you will do a disservice to your business or employer, your boss, your clients or customers, the result is nothing gets done and nothing changes.

In other words, you never fully deliver or ship that product/service.

You destroy creativity

Creating anything new and the perfectionist in your head will create something else!

Anxiety, procrastination, and harsh judgements are all feelings which manifest inside a perfectionist head. The beast cannot really be slaved or killed off as such, but we can make the beast less harmful by being aware of it and ignoring it.

You severely limit your possibilities by focusing on too many small details

This is a balancing act because sometimes small tweaks and details can make a huge difference. The trick is in knowing what details are important and what are not. This I will cover in another business ideas post.

What do I mean when I say, limit your possibilities?

By spending too long on small details you will miss the much bigger opportunities in seeing the big picture.

I’m lucky in this respect because I’m normally able to see the woods and the trees. And connecting the dots between the big and small.

You never accomplish anything and miss out on the joy accomplishment brings

Have you ever had that feeling of accomplishment? I think it’s a strange sort of emotion which is quite hard to describe. Knowing somethings been achieved, a thing you were doing is finished and you finished it, a sense of self satisfaction but without any smugness.

I get that sense of accomplishment sometimes when I’m playing tennis and hit a wonderful shot.

As a perfectionist, you may experience a different emotion, you might judge yourself too harshly and not take a compliment well. The sense of joy has therefore been replaced by another emotion, one of being unworthy of being too serious.

Compliments are thrown back at people which also means you are not fun to be around.

So, there you have it, don’t be a perfectionist. Get things started, get things completed, enjoy making mistakes. Mistakes are feedback which will help us improve the next time.

 This short video has a powerful message

Remember (from the video above) “It’s a Great Day to Make a Mistake”!

Cheers for now.


A Tennis playing father of two. The two in question are at an age where everything they do is correct and anything I suggest is stupid!

Luckily business is a tad easier... Once I start to understand the challenges and your vision, I can usually plot a way forward. Understanding and Discovery are my two watch words.


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