Business Systems

Your Business Systems and Processes

Your business is an interacting system which creates results. Sometimes these results may be desired and sometimes the results won’t be desired. Either way, it’s the system which does this and not the people inside the system.
Peter Scholtes wrote an interesting book, The Leaders Handbook in which he described the business as a system. I use it as one of reference books and would humbly recommend it to you.

The System is Made up of;

  • Policies
  • Conditions
  • Factors
  • Current methods
  • Past experiences
  • Product/Service design
  • External constraints
  • Facilities, materials and equipment
  • The Current Situation
Your Business System

My hope is that you will get a better feel for the aspects of your business you need to pay attention to if you wish to implement your vision.

It’s possible you may need to get support from a business analyst who has the technology skills necessary and will know where to look and the questions to ask.

Rocket science this is not but it takes a little time to consider what’s important in identifying your current ​situation if you wish to build a self-sustaining business.