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A Great Customer Experience

By  Steve

It was around a year ago that we found ourselves in Bath, Somerset. Visiting a shop our daughter had requested called Build a Bear. You can find their shops and stores listed here; Source

The experience from a customer’s perspective was great and we can see why they seem so successful.

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and was able to build her bear as we went through the store (imagine an IKEA store, only much smaller).

From a parent’s perspective and thinking purely of the money one could spend, I would suggest being on your guard! This shop completely understands how to add value and keep you spending more.

It’s very easy to buy all sorts of add-ons for your child’s bear. It does after all, need a heart, something cute to say, clothes, boots and so on. I don’t begrudge the shop in any way, so this is just a warning to go prepared.

The business has quite an interesting story [pullquote align=”right” cite=”Build a Bear”]“The first store opened in 1997 at the Saint Louis Galleria in St. Louis, Missouri. Today there are over 400 stores worldwide and over 125 million furry friends adventuring around the globe. One 10-year-old girl was the inspiration for this entire company! Think of the difference you can make.”[/pullquote]

If you want to find out what others think, we found this post on the web; Source

It’s got us thinking as to whether there may be other ways to apply this business model and strategy in other businesses? Perhaps, build a bicycle or build a car… The mind boggles!


A Tennis playing father of two. The two in question are at an age where everything they do is correct and anything I suggest is stupid! Luckily business is a tad easier... Once I start to understand the challenges and your vision, I can usually plot a way forward. Understanding and Discovery are my two watch words.


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