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Customer Service Improvement Ideas

By  Steve

We know that great customer service leads to happy customers who will want to return again.  Hopefully, these customers will also spread the word about the great customer service they received!  Improving customer service should be a continual goal to ensure your business is providing the very best.  Here are some customer service improvement tips to help you on your way.

http://www.callcentrehelper.com/24-quick-fire-tips-to-improve-customer-satisfaction-38154.htm1. Under-promise and over-deliver
2. Present a sample of customer complaints in team meetings
3. Respond more quickly to emails
4. Let your unsatisfied customers guide you
5. Be honest
6. Let them see your smile
7. Put the customer at the heart of your decision
8. Tone is very important
9. Allow the team to listen to and score their own calls
10. Throw away the scripts
11. Listen to customer feedback
12. Never say no to a customer
13. Treat the customer as you would a friend or business partner
14. Other departments don’t understand their part in customer service
15. Keep in touch with the customer
16. Share experiences through the company
17. Don’t dwell too much on speed
18. Act on feedback
19. Senior managers should match words with behaviours
20. Do what is right for the customer
21. Reward positive behaviour
22. Show that you care
23. Use customer focus groups
24. Set the right expectations


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