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Web Design for a Better Customer Experience

By  Steve

Having an easy to use, functional website is very important in today’s online world.  If you’re an online retailer, it’s vital to ensuring your success.  Creating the best customer experience is important to ensure customers will want to return.

http://www.helpscout.net/blog/website-customers-love/While it can be a tough balance to achieve, creating a functional, streamlined and well designed website is well worth the effort.

Fortunately, improving your customers’ experience with your site coincides with improving your bottom line. One study even revealed that a website’s design is most likely to affect its presumed trustworthiness—not the content that lies within.

10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love

1. If it’s Important, it Should be Obvious
2. Give Customers Closure
3. What’s the Best Color for Conversions?
4. Apply Fitts Law
5. The Power of Large, Concise Headlines
6. Use Plenty of White Space
7. Incorporate Directional Cues
8. The Persuasive Power of Social Proof
9. Limit Options for Increased Interaction
10. Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast!

“Mobile is playing an increasing role in the customer experience. Firms should pay careful attention to how they are optimizing their sites for mobile devices and regularly check that each channel creates a consistent image. Consumers don’t think of mobile, web and in-store channels as separate experiences, and often switch between each medium to find the information they are seeking”.  Source

Responsive web design is also critical to customer experience.

Responsive web design is defined as an approach to designing websites that remain constant across different devices used. Using responsive design is something you should consider if you are looking to improve your customer’s online experience. Whether you are building a website for your business or looking to improve an existing one, here are 10 ways in which responsive web design is critical to your customer experience:

Responsive Design Promotes Consistency
Responsive Design Creates Customer Loyalty
Responsive Design Reduces Confusion
Responsive Design Maximizes Your Customers Web Experience
Responsive Design Leads to Greater Sales Conversions
Responsive Design helps Your Increase Your Reach to Mobile Users
Responsive Design Helps You Better Analyse Results
Responsive Design Allows You to Maximize How Your Customers Find You Online
Responsive Design Allows for an Improved SEO experience
Responsive Design Can Enhance User Offline Experience

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