How Do We Work Together?

I've created a simple 4-step plan of action plan. Steps 1 to 3 are all without any charge whatsoever which includes my initial analysis. Step 4 is the final discussion in which you may decide to engage or not engage me. You don't have to stick to these steps if you don't want to, but most people find it easy and gentle. So, what are the steps?...

Are We a Good Fit?

Step 1 - Business Survey

Complete the short business survey, it will only take a few minutes and will give me a little information about you and your business. I've also written a special guide called "Business Growth Dynamics" for you which you will get via email when you sign up.

Step 2 - Phone Call

Schedule a short phone call. I use information gathered in Step 1 and start to understand more about you and your business. It also allows us to start to build up some rapport and get to know one another.

Step 3 - Initial Analysis

My initial analysis is quite detailed, I start by taking a look at your last couple of years management accounts. Things like P&L are studied as is your balance sheet. This information is often found via the Governments Companies House website.

I might also ask you about other specific things like sales, cost of goods sold, other costs, your business model etc.

As mentioned earlier, I don't charge for this service because I want to ensure you only pay anything when you are completely happy.

Step 4 - Engagement

Once you are completely happy, you and I will start working together and build towards your business vision.

This  means I will need an understanding with enough precision of your current business situation in which to build out the Productivate┬« Method.

Detailed analysis combined with your business vision. A mixture of systems, coaching, consulting and implementation.

Ready for some exciting times!